Debby with students

How AITH Came To Be
While teaching an art class to kindergartners and first graders at PS 321 several years back, program director Debby Albenda noticed that,“the kids were so proud of their work. Putting their mark on the world with their art really seemed to boost their self-esteem and confidence.”

More recently, while leading a diversity painting workshop at Packer, Debby found that kids need to personalize their art.  “Kids this age enjoy learning about techniques like drawing and color and painting, but for them, it’s more about using art to express their own personal lives than it is about learning to recreate the work of another artist.”

When Debby began looking for a location for her after-school art program, she immediately thought about the Old Stone House. “The site, which was a key battleground during the American Revolution, is inspiring with its overwhelming sense of history. The room that classes will be held in has a charm unto itself with its gabled ceiling, hardwood floors, and hallowed past.”

The history surrounding the Old Stone House will serve as a starting point for projects. Each week, students will put a contemporary spin on historically relevant techniques such as painting, print-making, embroidery, sculpture and other craft items.